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De Tomaso Pantera 5.8 MT

De Tomaso Pantera 1974. Legendary very rare car in perfect restored condition.


TOPCAR team and all clients of the company - a large pool of car fans. In each of us lives a passion for cars. We're inspired by modern and classic models.

At the moment, we're pleased to announce our new hobby - we find the rare supercars of the past and restore them. We choose what impresses us, used all our experience and knowledge, give new life to the heroes of the past. One of the recent projects - De Tomaso Pantera 1974.

De Tomaso Pantera 1974. The legendary and very rare car in perfect restored condition. Joined in the EU as a vehicle, not as a museum piece. The Italian company De Tomaso is famous for being produced racing cars for Formula 1. The company consists of a well known Maserati and Ghia studio.


Upholstery (leather)
Interior color (dark)


Functional Equipment
Cruise control
Central locking

Seats (2)
The climate (air conditioning)

Windows (manual)
The driver's seat (manual adjustment)
Passenger seat (manual adjustment)

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De Tomaso Pantera