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<<Tunic for Bentley

In the large cities of our country, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, sales of cars of a class "premium" and "luxury" stay at a consistently high level. The central street crowded expensive black sedans and coupes. The logical phenomenon has become a need of the people in tuning his cloned "stallions". But the work on the design of cars of this level, first and foremost, requires a delicate sense of taste and high production capacity. In many respects, therefore, up to this point, Russian tuners limited to simply setting the ready-made kits of bodywork from Western companies. The benefit of the market is a wide choice of options. But the situation with proposals for such aero car as Bentley Continental GT significantly worse. Western and Japanese companies that offer their own versions of the coupe styling, can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

But for the owners of the coupe by Bentley is changing for the better. In November this year at the ESSEN MOTORSHOW in Germany is already traditionally involved the company TopCar, which prepared two surprises! Moscow-based company will present at the court of world public his two new projects - a Porsche Panamera Stingray and proper Bentley Continental GT Bullet.