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ALV 0%
without Carbon Parts
with Carbon Parts
Aerodynamics Exterior MINI Cooper Bully
- front spoiler bumper with turn signals - rear bumper apron with diffuser - fender extensions front and rear (4 pcs) - side skirts (2 pcs), aluminium radiator grille (black) - assembly & lacquer finish bodykit 4 375 
MINI Cooper S hood with the front air intake grille, lacquer finish 750 
Additional Options
Remus Rear Silencer with Exhaust Tips 592 
Set of forged wheels R18 (TopCar design) with tyre 2 500 
Brakes Bystems
Brembo drilled front brake rotors set 2 375 
Mini Cooper DS Rulit
Car ornamenting works (body) + bumper trim + lacquer finish+ production supply 2 750 
Mini Cooper SimaPhone
Car ornamenting works (body) + lacquer finish+ production supply 7 250 
Car ornamenting works (interior parts) + lacquer finish + production supply 2 375 
MINI Cooper Bully Interior Tuning
MINI Cooper Bully interior tuning, Mansory carbon and Nappa leather interior outfit, TopCar emblem-logo embroidered headrests 7 000