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<<Victory H2O TM

TOPCAR announces its new partnership with the elite hydration company Victory H2OTM.  TOPCAR provides their customers with the most top tier automotive products, and now we’ll offer the world’s best performance luxury water to you as well. VICTORY H2O TM is a revolutionary hydration experience that delivers the winners edge in every drop, quenching YOUR thirst. Our ultra pure performance water is designed with Enhanced Electrolytes to eliminated toxins and increase recovery for YOUR body. It is designed to be YOUR "Complete" water in this very incomplete thirsty world. This is not YOUR average drinking water.

Whether YOU'RE in the gym or boardroom, on the field or couch, YOU'LL enjoy VICTORY H2O TM

TOPCAR and Victory H2OTM will be in collaboration at the 2013 NBA All Star weekend Feb 15th-17th in Houston. Come join us for the most exclusive parties and see the first TOPCAR Stingray GTR Panamera in the USA.