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Since 2008 the company «TOPCAR» products in Russia is a German tuning company LUMMA Design, offers a solution for tuning BMW X6, BMW X6 M and other brands (for example, tuning Mercedes-Benz). CLR X 650 M - the name sounds so BMW X6M after rejuvenation at Lumma Design. Instead of serial 555 hp (408 kW), an upgraded V8 engine produces 650 hp (478 kW). Also, Lumma Design increases torque from 680 to 830 Newton-vertiginous meters. Thus, the maximum speed to the value of 312 km / h. Enormous changes in the process of tuning the original model of the BMW were made possible by reprogramming of the electronic engine control unit, specially enhanced for this car after a series of serious tests. An important role in the optimization of the engine played a 4-pipe sports exhaust system Sportsound stainless steel pipes with a diameter of 100 millimeters, her car owes its peculiar sound. Improving Performance CLR X 650 M is graphically represented in a wide aerodynamic whale. Here, experts from BMW tuning Lumma tried to glory. The front bumper with LED daytime running lights set the tone daring appearance updated BMW. Extended wheel arches and side skirt continuing the dynamic image, it complements the suspension, lowered by 40 mm. The rear bumper, trunk lid, rear spoiler and a diffuser complete the harmonious transformation of the car. Meticulous attention to detail, the designers of the peculiar city of Winterlingen (Germany), manifested in numerous moments upgrade, such as turn signals and side covers of glossy strictly sporty carbon fiber hood. Shields headlamps and darkened taillights emphasize the sporty appearance of the new representative of the family of BMW. For a perfect grip selected ultra-ultra-high strength of Michelin tires from a width of 315 mm, put on the Solid wheels Blackline Monoblock 11h23 inches. Dynamism kind of huge, light, but reliable drive underlined black stripe external bottom made of stainless steel. The impression is enhanced by the brilliant disc brake calipers, clearly visible between the spokes. Interior tuning by Lumma Design BMW is not inferior appearance into an impressive and subtlety. Ergonomic steering wheel trimmed in leather and ultra-suede. The rungs of the orange carbon fiber and aluminum pedals and footrest reflect the vigorous vitality of the car. The same applies to the illuminated door linings with the inscription «CLR X 650 M» and speedometer extended to 360 km / h, with the logo of Lumma. Lumma Design confirms its love for detail and in the interior. Floor mats in the interior and trunk are made of suede leather frame, and bear the logo of the tuner, decorating and other major and minor trim parts. An elegant plate with the serial number makes the final touch in an exclusive image CLR X 650 M. BMW plan to build sport-utility vehicle Lumma Design team is embodied to perfection. The car is already serially equipped with a powerful engine, but in version CLR X 650 M, he turns into a true sports car. See also:
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Prices for tuning BMW CLR X 650 M
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TitleUnit price
ALV 0%
without Carbon Parts
with Carbon Parts
External parts
The body kit LUMMA CLR X 650 M including: - front bumper - Wheel arch extensions front - Wheel arch extensions rear - Side skirts - Rear bumper - Cover plate with air intake rear doors - Covers for the front doors 11 350 
Hood LUMMA Sport (paintable) 3 550 
Covers for lights (cilia) 320 
Rear spoiler M-execution 429 
Strap on the trunk lid 350 
Rear diffuser with vertical fin 395 
Decorative frame for side indicator M 349 
Built-in parking lights LED-technologies 650 
Tinted taillights 400 
Bits exhaust polished rings 1 580 
The grille hood (nostrils), black lacquer 300 
Set of spacers 615 
Set of emblems 39 
Installation and painting 4 500 
Additional options
The spoiler on the trunk lid (Kevlar) GT version 1 500 
Spoiler (lip) in the front bumper (Kevlar) GT version 600 
Set pedals and footrest with logo LUMMA aluminum 500 
The front door sill aluminum backlit CLR X 650 M 650 
Complete mat with LUMMA logo 500 
Carpet in the luggage compartment, with LUMMA logo 350 
Dashboard individual colors with LUMMA logo 600 
Lighting boarding-disembarking thresholds (4 LED-bulb on each side) 650 
Carbon exterior parts
Rear spoiler M-performance carbon 1 100 
Rear wing (large) 2 500 
The original M- carbon exterior mirror housing, the right and left 1 290 
Carbon exterior moldings Glass moldings and lower side windows 3 950 
Carbon pads on the rack doors 2 000 
Carbon fiber door handles front + rear 2 000 
Carbon Drive front air intakes 650 
Hood LUMMA Sport (Carbon) 4 950 
Chassis, wheels
Sport springs for X6 M with air suspension 395 
Sports disc VI NEW !! 11x23 Composite rims on the front axle, the central part forged rim of stainless steel 1 690 
Sports disc VI NEW !! 12x23 Composite rims on the rear axle, the central part forged rim of stainless steel 1 790 
Set of wheels Racing VI NEW front 11x23, 12x23 rear tires front and rear 315 / 25-23 9 274 
The increase in power
Increased productivity X 6 M 650 hp (478 kW) with 6.250 1 / min Torque 830 Nm with 2.500 1 / min for the engine (power kit) includes: control device of the engine with the updated system optimization. Without catalysts (2 receiver pipe catalyst). Export version without TÜV. 6 950 
Setting 1 650 
Module GPM (Gas pedal Power Module) for better sensitivity of the accelerator pedal 1 500 
Exhaust system
Sports exhaust system (4 pipes), a super sound system with valves, 4 x 100 mm 3 750 
Installing the exhaust system 295 
Flannel protective cover, red, logo LUMMA, made specifically for the LUMMA CLR X 650 M 550 
Keychain 19 
Silver Lace 4 
Black lace 4