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Tuning Porsche 991 Stinger GTR


Tuning Porsche 991 Turbo / Turbo S - Stinger GTR

TOPCAR is happy to present the very new and the most exclusive work (tuning Porsche) of its professional life the aerodynamic kit Stinger GTR for Porsche 991 Turbo and Turbo S. This is indeed the most sophisticated project TOPCAR has ever done, it took 9 months to finish and concidered as bringing a new child to life. The kit consists of 24 class-A carbon fiber composite body panels which can be fitted professionally only at TOPCAR specialized center due to high standard precision job where 90% of exterior is to be changed completely, several carbon panels are to be bonded with the steel body using hi-tech materials and know how skills. Some parts of the kit could be lacquered to highlight the beauty of carbon fibers. Due to high complexity of the project TOPCAR specialists are only able to assemble two cars a month at their premises. By special request the kit could be assembled at clients site with TOPCAR specialists travel and accommodation costs covered. On top of that: - the car performance could be increased by 60 hp and 130 Nm. using special HP kit. - the look of your car could be personalized even further by selection of topnotch wheels from our partner ADV.1 Wheels.

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Aerodynamic body kit Stinger GTR for Porsche 991 Turbo/Turbo S

We are pleased to introduce our new project - an aerodynamic body kit Stinger GTR для Porsche 991 Turbo/Turbo S.

TitleUnit price
ALV 0%
with Carbon Parts
Front bumper, Primed carbon 3 400 
Front bumper air intake, Lacquered carbon 500 
Rear bumper with air intakes, Primed carbon 3 180 
Front fenders with air outlets and TopCar logos, Primed carbon, 2 pcs. 4 200 
Door pads, Primed carbon, 2 pcs. 1 000 
Rear fenders, Primed carbon, 2 pcs. 3 500 
Fuel cap cover, Primed carbon 300 
LED lights front bumper inserts, Lacquered carbon, 2 pcs. 1 500 
Front bumper splitter, Lacquered carbon 1 500 
Side skirts with air intakes, Primed carbon, 2 pcs. 2 500 
Side skirts, bottom, Lacquered carbon, 2 pcs. 1 000 
Rear fenders air intakes, Lacquered carbon, 2 pcs. 1 500 
Rear diffuser, Lacquered carbon 2 500 
Rear bumper air outlets, Lacquered carbon, 2 pcs. 1 000 
Rear spoiler, top, Lacquered carbon 1 500 
Hood, Lacquered carbon 5 000 
GTR-edition exhaust tips 1 500 
Rear diffuser RS, Lacquered carbon 3 500 
Rear spoiler RS, top, Lacquered carbon 2 500 
Additional options
Installation / disassembling 6 500 
Painting 6 000 
TOPCAR Logos, set 120 
Wheel spacers, set 615 
Tail lights tinting 400 
Aluminium pedals, set 400 
Cabin mats 4 pcs., Black leather with a protective coating, finish edging of leather, with logo 500 

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