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<<NEW: Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR edition

The new Porsche Panamera 971 is the most spectacular and interesting Porsche model, in terms of using new technologies and design solutions. The company TOPCAR Design, which specializes in tuning Porsche since 2004, could not stay away and introduced a new generation of the project STINGRAY GTR. This project has been made known among the experts in the field of exclusive and elite cars, as one of the most complex in its structure. In the new generation of STINGRAY GTR, the main design idea - styling Porsche Panamera under a huge and luxurious coupe with an aggressive character - has been preserved. The abundance of various air intakes and exits, a large diffuser of the rear bumper, a spoiler with vertical fins - all this aggravates the perception of the Porsche Panamera as a coupe for four.

Stingray GTR Edition is a large set of carbon bodywork elements: front and rear bumpers, front and rear fenders, hood, side skirts, massive front and rear door linings, aerodynamic spoiler. In fact - this is a new composite "body" with the same advanced content. Each element of the body kit is made from carbon fiber by vacuum molding, which results in excellent quality and low weight of parts. It is important to note that the Stingray GTR Edition is designed to be installed on all versions of the Porsche Panamera 971.

Powerful appearance - a powerful content: the engineers of the company TOPCAR Design did not ignore the engine. The total output is 650 hp. For the Porsche Panamera Turbo version. The interior of the car is an interesting area for tuning. Specialists of TOPCAR Design are ready to offer individual design-projects of interiors. The work uses the highest quality and costly materials - fine leather, crocodile leather, carbon fiber, precious wood, 24K gold. The final touch to a new image of the car - new wheel rims. Specially for its customers in TOPCAR Design have prepared a whole collection of disks of various designs from the best world producers: HRE, ADV.1, 1221.

The starting price of the aerodynamic body kit: € 24,556.00

TOPCAR Design's carbon fabric manufacturing is located in Russia, but thecompany has representative offices in all parts of the world, which makes itpossible to build a Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR Edition anywhere in the world.

Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR gen.2