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Tuning Mercedes Benz ML 166 INFERNO


Tuning Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG INFERNO

TOPCAR announces the start of work with Mercedes-Benz cars. The first project - an aerodynamic body kit for the ML 63 AMG, which was called "INFERNO". Subtle sense of style, conciseness, harmony, and powerful energy of the winner – these are the concepts that we have tried to integrate in the new project. Black Series by Mercedes-Benz was the inspiration for us to create this body kit.
Aero-kit consists of front and rear bumpers, Fender extensions, overlays on the door trims on the front wings, sills, bonnet, spoiler on the fifth door and tips on the exhaust pipe. Additional LED lights integrated into the front bumper. Traditionally, aerodynamic body kit made of carbon fiber and Kevlar using the technology of vacuum forming. Engine modification program (by EVOTECH Motorsport):
1. Increasing power to 640 hp and torque to 980 Nm
2. Increasing power to 690 hp and torque up to 1,100 Nm
3. Increasing power to 760 hp and torque to 1150 Nm
Logical continuation of the exterior tuning - tuning interior. Every interior is created individually to meet unique customer needs.

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Unique approach

Supersprint exhaust MB ML (W166) 63 AMG INFERNO

The famous Italian manufacturer of exhaust systems Supersprint and TOPCAR company have joined forces to create a new exhaust system for the Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG INFERNO. Supersprint company was founded in 1955 and has gained a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality exhaust systems..

Tuning project Mercedes Benz ML 63 AMG

The first project - an aerodynamic body kit for the ML 63 AMG. The inspiration for the creation of this body kit served as a line of vehicles Mercedes-Benz - Black Series.

TitleUnit price
ALV 0%
without Carbon Parts
with Carbon Parts
Aerodynamic body kit ML 166
Front bumper 3 400 
Front lip 1 150 
Front Fender Flares 840 
Door panels in the front door 240 
Door panels with air duct in the rear door 1 100 
Side skirts 1 750 
Fender extensions rear 840 
Rear bumper 3 100 
Rear bumper diffuser 1 200 
Lining the back door 350 
Car parts assembly + Lacquer finish 4 500 
Additional options
11.LED lights Front bumper 450 
12.Rear spoiler 600 
13.Lining on the front fenders with logo TopCar 450 
14.Hood 3 500 
Wheel Spacers 615 
Carbon parts
Rear bumper diffuser, Carbon 2 300 
Lining on the front fenders with logo TopCar, Carbon 750 
Front lip, Carbon 2 000 
Hood, Carbon 4 950 
Rear spoiler, Carbon 1 200 
Glass side moldings, Carbon 1 080 
Pad on the door handles, Carbon 680 
Pad under the door handles, Carbon 600 
Roof rails, Carbon 1 800 
Gills hood, Carbon 500 
Additional options
Tinted taillights 400 
Aluminium pedal set, consisting of gas-, brake pedal and footrest 500 
Bootmat with logo TopCar 500 
Coloured tacho unit, incl. colour after choice with TopCar Logo (only in link with assembly) 650 
Exhaust Super Sound 100% Stainless steel complete system 2 x Ø76mm
№1: Downpipe R-L (replace cat), Centre exhaust +cat R-L, Rear exhaust R-L TÜV, Exit pipes Kit R-L 7 250 
№1: Downpipe R-L (replace cat), Centre exhaust R-L, Rear exhaust R-L TÜV, Exit pipes Kit R-L 4 800 
№3: Centre exhaust +cat R-L, Rear exhaust R-L TÜV, Exit pipes Kit R-L 2 780 
Assembly № 1-2 400 
Assembly № 3 295 

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