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Tuning Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR


Tuning Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR 2014

At the moment Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR was very popular among connoisseurs of exclusive and luxury tuning-cars. The company has released 15 unique vehicles. And at the moment in TOPCAR released an updated version of Stingray GTR created for the new Porsche Panamera 2014 model year. TOPCAR believe that this should increase interest among the fans of unique cars and get new orders from customers.

Stingray GTR - it is a large-scale tuning program for the Porsche Panamera from the company TOPCAR. Installing aerodynamic kit includes replacement of almost all external elements: front and rear bumpers, hood, front and rear wings, sills, doors. All power elements monocoque and doors remain intact, but the appearance of the car changes cardinally.

When installing the kit uses a special technology splicing carbon elements with metal base body of the car. As a result, we get better aerodynamics and aesthetically correct contours and shapes that were designed TOPCAR specialists in the design stage. All elements of the aerodynamic kit made of carbon fiber and Kevlar technology vacuum forming, so the car is perfect, not only in terms of design, but also the production technology.

Tuning is not limited to the installation of body kit. New car interiors according to the preferences of a particular client - this is the best continuation of car tuning.. Working with mechanical parts include an increase in engine power, replacing the brake and exhaust systems. There are several programs to increase engine power up to 700 hp. The logical conclusion of an image are car rims. The company recommends TOPCAR ultralight forged wheels ADV.1 Wheels.

Gallery modifications

TitleUnit price
ALV 0%
without Carbon Parts
with Carbon Parts
Panamera Stingray GTR
Front bumper 3 400 
Grilles in the front bumper 500 
Front lip 750 
Rear bumper 3 180 
Rear bumper diffuser 1 550 
Side skirts (top part) 2 500 
Side skirts (bottom part) 1 000 
Front fenders 4 200 
Lining on the front fenders with logo TopCar 1 000 
Door panels in the front door 1 000 
Door panels with air duct in the rear door 3 000 
Rear spoiler GTR 2 500 
LED turn signals in the front bumper, front wings 1 000 
Hood 3 000 
Exhaust Tips 1 500 
Rear fender 2 000 
Button door opening 1 000 
Tank hatch GT 500 
Set of logos TopCar 120 
The adaptation of the optics and other 1 500 
Car parts assembly 4 200 
Lacquer finish 5 800 
Wheel Spacers 615 
Carbon parts
Lining on the front fenders with logo TopCar, Carbon 1 500 
Rear bumper diffuser, Carbon 2 750 
Front lip, Carbon 1 500 
Side skirts, bottom part, Carbon 2 500 
Grilles in the front bumper, Carbon 2 000 
Lining on the rear-view mirror, Carbon 1 500 
Rear spoiler GTR, Carbon 3 500 
Above the number pad, Carbon 310 
Spreading rear spoiler, Carbon 1 150 
Hood, Carbon 5 000 
Glass side moldings, Carbon 4 000 
Gills hood, Carbon 500 
Additional options
Glass side moldings black lacquer 650 
Tinted taillights 400 
Set of logos TopCar 120 
Aluminium pedal set, consisting of gas-, brake pedal and footrest 500 
Bootmat with logo TopCar 500 

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